Ticket Order Form

Please be advised!

All tickets are non-transferable other than to this process!
All tickets have an allocated name, and you may be required to show ID upon entry to the festival. If for any reason you can not attend the festivities we often have a waiting list in place for those unlucky folk who missed out in the ‘ticket-purchasing’ window. If we have anybody waiting to purchase an unwanted ticket/s then we can accept your unwanted ticket/s and refund you the cost of the purchase equal to the purchase made by the new recipient through our in-house system. We will do the transference between all parties involved allowing us to make the required changes for new detail allocations. However, we can not guarantee your success in obtaining the re-sale of your tickets. In our experience the closer it is to the festival start date the harder it can become to make the re-sale. Although we will give it our very best no matter how close it is. Much Love, Team Roystonbury : )